Why have been charged two monthly amounts (monthly rent and deposit) on my invoice?

How can I extand my agreement?

How can I upgrade or downgrade my contract?

How can I make a payment?

What is the cancellation policy of JOIN ME flex office?

What does the deposit mean?

How can I cancel my agreement?

Where can I view my invoices and how can I ask for help if I want to know more about certain items on my invoice?

How can I request a copy of my invoice?

How can I view or edit my company information?

When do I have to pay the deposit and the first month?

How do I know if you have received my payment?

Does Join Me flex office charge additional costs than mentioned on the website?

How can I change my contract or order extra services?


What are the opening hours of the business centers?

How can I contact the Community Manager

What if I have forgotten my password?

Can I use a meeting room?

Can I bring a visitor to a meeting?

Can I park at Join Me flex office?

What is the JOIN ME flex office visitor policy?

How does JOIN ME flex office keep my workplace safe?

What is JOIN ME flex office pet policy?

Can I bring my own printer?

Can I bring my own furniture?

What happens if I need more space or desks?

How much does printing cost?

What is the JOIN ME flex office policy on mail and parcel handling?

What should I do in case of emergency?

How do I connect to the printer?

How can I project the screen of my laptop on the Samsung TV in the meeting room?


How do I connect to the Join Me network and what is the WiFi password?

Do all rooms have internet access?

What should I do if my internet connection doesn't work anymore?

Does my office have fixed telephones?


How often is my office cleaned?

What is JOIN ME flex office refrigerator policy?

How can I solve problems with the coffee machine and / or the refrigerator?


I have problems with the access system

How can I get access to the booked rooms via my smartphone?

What are the opening hours?

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